Heres the answer to some of our most frequently asked questions.

How long have you done renovations for?
We’ve done Renovations, building projects for over 30 years.
What skills are you most experienced in?
We can fix any part of a house. From the basement floor to the shingles on the roof! We can do kitchen, basements, bathrooms, doors, windows, flooring, cabinets, drywall, fences, decks. Did i miss anything else?
What are some of the biggest projects you've done?
We’ve done contracts for the biggest home builders in Edmonton. We built multi-million dollar homes backing onto golf courses, condo buildings, etc.
Are quotes free?
Of course. Schedule a free quote
Ive seen something on pinterest, instagram etc. Im in love, can you re create it in my house?
Yup, as long as your house layout, building code, and everything else works out. If your house doesnt match the same as in your picture we can still use your idea and alter it to fit!
When can you start?
We’ll come to your house and go over your plans. Next we’ll go over the paperwork. Then when you decide to hire us, we’ll work out a start date that work’s for you.

Got another question we might have missed?

Call us, ask anything. Investing in a home renovation, with a contractor, renovations company is a big deal. Whether its a bathroom, kitchen, basement or small job. Let’s go over every single detail.


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